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We want to make sure we keep Ultra Fit a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to workout. There will be times at which your gym may be unstaffed so please read through the following tips to ensure your safety when at the gym.

Upon your arrival at the gym a member of Ultra Fit will talk you through safety and security measures in place.

To see the safety and security measures please read below.


  • Secure Entry - To make sure that you're safe inside our gyms, we have a entry system which doesn't allow just anyone to walk in.

  • CCTV - We have CCTV installed upon entrance  so we can ensure your safety.

  • Disability Access including ramp - Disability access including a ramp.  We do have plans for toilets and shower rooms pending at this moment in time. 

  • First Aid Kit - We provide essential access to First Aid kits across all our gyms. All our staff, PTs, and cleaners are first aid qualified so they can help in a first aid emergency inside our gyms. 

  • Telephone - In case of an emergency we have a telephone inside the gym.  We're pretty sure you'll never need to use it, but it's good to know there’s always help at hand if you need it.


  • Red fire call points - If you suspect a fire, press the nearest red fire call point.

  • Fire extinguisher - Should you need to use a fire extinguisher, they are placed at the front and rear of the gym.

  • Emergency Fire Exit points - these are located at the front and back of the gym

In case of an emergency or fire alarm, please evacuate the gym through the nearest and safest exit and make your way to the assembly point in the car park or rear area.

DO NOT go back into the changing rooms or gym to collect your belongings.


Here are top tips on how to make sure you are safe when the gyms are unstaffed:

  • Unstaffed document – read our unstaffed document on how to stay safe when the gym is unstaffed

  • Good health - it is crucial that you are 'fit to train'. If you have any conditions or illnesses that might be a risk, it is best to get advice on how to exercise while staying safe.

  • Exercise knowledge – some equipment or exercises may be complex, especially the first time you try them. We have instructions on much of our equipment so take time to understand how to use them. If you need an induction, just speak to your gym manager to get one organised.

  • Know your gym – get familiar with the layout and equipment, know where the emergency help points are (you will find them around the gym), where the emergency exits are, and where the defibrillator is located. These are extra important if you train through the night and are on your own in the gym

  • Seek Help – if you ever feel unwell, injure yourself or are concerned for your wellbeing, get help! We have a remote CCTV team in place who will be able to support you. If our team aren't on hand, call for another member or use one of the emergency help points.

  • Bring a friend – where you can, training with friends is not just more fun, but you'll have someone to watch your back, so keeping other members close to hand in case you need some support is a simple alternative.

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